Footwear made in italy

Footwear made in italy

Our company produces all the footwear in its own factories located in Europe or in Italy, in specialised companies, for made in Italy supplies.

We make the Italian shoes that the whole world envies for their excellent quality, because "Made in Italy" is synonymous with creativity and sophistication, it is what distinguishes us, makes us well known and appreciated throughout the world.

Thanks to our staff specialised in the sector, we guarantee an extraordinary productivity respecting all the quality standards of Made in Italy: this is a characteristic for us that commits us to continually appreciating and defending the Italian know-how that has always been synonymous with careful research and an appreciation of the fabrics and the leathers used for production.

All of our Made in Italy shoes are meticulously detailed, made to meet all the specific needs of our customers and are constantly renewed to keep up with the times and fashions of the moment.

The goal of our company is to satisfy more and more the growing demand for Made in Italy shoes from all over the world and from all customers who recognise themselves in our philosophy and in the footwear of our company.

Our company is located at Via della Botte, 20, 31030 Altivole Treviso (Italy).
For further information please contact us on +39 0423 566101, write to us at or fill in the form you will find on our website,

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