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Since the beginning of the 70s, O-Three has been designing and producing outdoor, leisure, safety and comfort footwear, trainers and military or hunting boots, combining tradition with a strong sense of innovation and research to offer an increasingly sophisticated and avant-garde product.

Design, creation, technology research, raw materials, samples, production and logistics are just some of the services that our company offers.

Thanks to the know-how acquired, O-Three is able to make any type of footwear in its factories located in Europe or in Italy, in specialised companies, with Made in Italy supplies. It can also make tailor-made footwear thanks to the ability to request the logo, material, colour or even the type of sole.

The quality of our footwear is now recognised worldwide thanks to the skill and precision of all our staff, which is always up to date with everything in order to offer you footwear of the highest quality.

Today like yesterday, our goal is to respect the craftsmanship of the past and the love of Made in Italy, while introducing technology into the production process. Our goal is to offer you ever better shoes and to respect the agreed deadlines.

Our company is located at Altivole, Via Della Botte 20, Montebelluna Treviso (Italy). For more information please contact us at 0423 566101, write to us at the email address: info@o-three.it or fill in the form you find on our website, www.o-three.eu

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